WhatsAppSpy, version 2.1 now available!

Lets spy on whatsapp and your friends conversations! WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application,

however, isn't too safe, because it sends all messages unencrypted. To exploit this security flaw can use WhatsAppSpy, a tool that allows you to read other people's conversations from your PC with any operating system.


1st - DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP SPY 2.1 from this link, so stay linked the mobile phone where you want to spy on your contacts






Instructions for pictures of your installation and use:


2 - Once downloaded, open the file WhatsAppSpy2.1.exe
and will go as follows:



3 * Insert the prefix (For Spain +34) and the phone number of the victim, and give the button "Espiar Whatsapp"

and start to load the conversations of the victim (see the image):


 4 * Once loaded the Conversations of the victim, only conversation we have to choose from the list we want to read and All Done! (see picture)::




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